Photo’s & Certificates

Make your mementos look extra special by having them framed and mounted. Have them displayed in a bespoke ‘Shadow Box’. Get your certificates, medals or achievements on show. I can add personalization if required. Here are a few examples of my mounting and framing work.

Love it when people have or buy quirky pieces of art, but then want Russmountsstuff to mount and frame it to complete their collection item.

When you are awarded a certificate for great achievements this is what you should do! Ask me to mount and frame them for you so they are on display instead of being lost in a file or drawer.

Another legend lost from the music industry. But what a great poster, sympathetically mounted and framed I believe.

Nothing needs saying about the band and the man himself. Was bought be a big fan.

In memory of Stan Lee. A huge fan of the man and the characters he created bought this.

Inspirational words, now mounted and framed on someones wall at home. To be seen and aspire to each and every day.

Gifting a memory. What a lovely and inexpensive way to remember something wonderful in your life

Another prize from a face book campaign I ran. But the photograph was taken by my youngest son.

Ah Disney & better still Toy Story. This nice bright poster is now hung in a young boys bedroom. Wonder if he is called Andy?

Something a little different! A poster of the Statue of Liberty but with all dimensions etc on it as if a plan. I love working with different mount colours rather than just white.

Recently sold this mounted and Framed “Music” poster in a local arts and crafts ship in the town I live in.

My son admired this poster, he loved what I did with it and he ended up owning it as it was a gift to him from his girlfriends parents.

My ex RN friend digitally enhanced a photo of RM Deal and I mounted and framed it for an Ex WREN friend, who served there a few years ago.

Ah, now this is a little unusual the way this came about. My landlord (though interested more in aircraft than ships), asked me if I could find out anything about HMS Rodney. So I asked my friend and graphic artist if he could come up with a picture and some history details. Turns out this vessel was a big part in the sinking of the Bismark. So I put this together and presented it to my landlord and he was even a little choked.

I bought this map as it was a nice size to frame. I tried to give it all the Olde Worlde look with the washed wood frame and an aged looking mount colour. I must have got it right as it was bought within 2 days of displaying it. To a returning customer too.

Son, daughter and proud dad. It says it all in one frame.

They say a picture can say a 1000 words, well only if you can see it. Get your memories out on display. They will always be conversation starters and you will remember those happy times with even more fondness

You are never too old to push yourself! This lady took her Fine Arts Degree when she was **! I was proud to get this done for her as yet again the certificate and photographs were still in a large envelope in a drawer until I asked to see them.

The owner of this travels quite a bit and picks up some beautiful prints. I must do a decent job as she keeps asking me to frame them for her.

Two people in the same run, both wanting similar layouts / colours etc, But I never do exactly the same on any projects. Bespoke and taylored to your wishes Every time.

Ah I love displaying these achievements. First big race, proud of yourself for completing – and so you should be! They look great on the wall for all to see.

Proud moments captured, but all too often just kept in the card mount / stand which in time weaken and don’t stand up. Well let me get them behind glass, mounted to your specification and properly on display.

Cosplay characters. Must admit I don’t know much about this kind of thing, but my client was over the moon with the work I did for her.

Iconic photograph. Until I mounted and framed it, it was just in a folder in a drawer. Now it will be seen in pride of place for many years.

This is a photograph of a RN Hospital. The owner worked there a while back we will say. She has wanted to have it framed for quite a while and luckily we became friends and so I was able to help her.

A former work colleague bought the cutout of this shooting scene for his father and thought he could simply shove it into a frame? No, he had to come to me to rectify the situation and get a frame made for me to then fit it all together.

A piece for a repeat customer. She had the frame and the painting but asked me to put them together. This made it an inexpensive project as apart from my time all I had to supply was the mount boards and bits at the bact k to finish it off to my high standard.

Though not a great photograph, this is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago. I asked my friend Tug Wilson to do something with my words with his graphic art skills. Then I mounted and framed it and is proudly hanging on My wall.

The challenges keep on coming! 1st I was just emailed the photo and all I could do printing wise was something about 1 inch deep and 1 foot long. It would have been too small to see anyone clearly. So I got it printed professionally with my clients consent. Then the next problem was to find a frame to match the sizes. Job done, client over the moon and new contacts made both for specialist printing and frames.

One of the gifts from me to my son and daughter in law after their wedding. This print is of the Cloisters where their ceramony took place.

Another reminder of a lovely holiday someone had. Three picturesque postcards. But instead of being put into a scrap book or forgotten all together I was asked to mount ad frame them so they can be seen each and every day.

Simply a lovely print of a watercolour painting from Sorrento, Italy to remind us of a fantastic wedding / holiday.

On its own this certificate was a simple task. But when it’s displayed with a frame full of medals, which I did a little while ago then I bet it looks fantastic. My customer says so anyway!

Proud of your or a loved ones achievements? get them on display & let me help.

Another career art in a frame. This includes medals too. If your interested in this kind of thing, please contact me. There are many ways these can be done and each one is unique and individual to you.

A friend who is very proud of his wife’s achievements has asked me to frame this certificate and sash to go along with her other achievements. Nice to be able to match the frame and colours too. Much better on the eye when on a wall on display.

Have somewhere you love to visit or holiday at? Here is a simple and cost effective way of remembering “your place”. This was 3 postcards from the area and I mounted them as requested. Simple, inexpensive but stunning!

I was asked if I could obtain a print of someones favourite walking place and frame it. I bought the print and here is the result! It was given as a gift and it went down very well.

Proud of your achievements? Get them on display!!! I can do that for you.

Birthday, anniversary, wedding or Christening – if you have a photograph you love, don’t just post it on fb, let me mount/frame it for you.

A photograph can make a statement if mounted ad framed!

Graduation photo, Prom photo, family shoot? I can present it beautifully for you and at a much better price than the “professionals”


This customer was let down by the photographic company. Paid for the photo shoot And the mounting and framing. But the company went under before the framing was done. I was asked to step in and “Save the day”. Though I couldn’t get their money back, they were more than happy with my service, work & price.


Memorable holiday? This was done as a Thank You, for tking someone on holiday with them. Nice way of thanking someone.

Latest work.

This is a digitally painted photograph that Tug Wilson is in as a part of an HMS Sheffield dedication. He describes it as his “Proud Moment”, so only fitting for me to Mount and put in a nice frame where his family can share his pride.

Latest work.

Proud husband asked me to frame his wife’s certificate and sash after being awarded “Woman of the Year”

Latest work.

The piece of copper pipe was used as a temporary engagement ring when proposing. So as a wedding / hen party gift from mother of the bride to the hen / bride to be I was asked to put this together.

Latest work.

The sketches were commissioned to be used as templates for being transferred onto mugs and glasses for an event. So the caricatures were framed by me to give as a thank you for the organisation of Fun in the Field 2016

Recent work.

Earned a qualification? Got a certificate you are proud of!? Show it off – let me frame it for you. Show it off! You have earned it!

Recent work.

A daughters first drawing which lived in a purse for many years. I even had to iron it to at least reduce the creases. I kept it simple so as not to distract from the memory.

Recent work.

Piece 2! but this is the view from the glass floor at the top of the Spinnaker Tower. Not sure how relaxing this would be, but I like the photograph that I took.

Recent work.

No not an optical illusion, but looking down over a tight wound staircase in the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth. ! of two small pieces I did for a friend who does hypnotherapy. She uses them as focal points when relaxing her clients.

Recent work.

I love Kevin Hayward Art! So much so I bought myself a poster of his pencil drawn Tiger. Then of coarse I had to mount and frame it! A4 size poster in a 20″ x 16″ frame. Love it!

Recent Work.

WOW A Minnie poster from Florida. Didn’t want to compete with the beautiful mounting already there, but needed to fit into a standard frame. So all I have done is a narrow single mount in white. Customer more than happy!

Recent work.

Family holiday memories! What better way to remember those great times than having them on display for all to see. Large or small – its better than having them stuck in a draw or cupboard!

Recent work.

This commission was my great honour to work on. The full set of 14 Type 42 Cap Tallies framed and mounted and now on display in a pub in Portsmouth. Just waiting for a photo of them in place alongside the jacket. Watch this space!


Half of the Type 42 collection of Cap Tallies, mounted and framed .


These will be on display in the “Park Tavern” in Portsmouth, alongside the leather bikers waistcoat I did earlier this year.

Recent work.

This was done to go alongside several pieces I have done for the same customer. Keeping the wood effect frame and black double mount. I think it works great!

Recent work.

My customer wanted me to replicate what I did with the original drawing, only this time with a poster. Can you tell the difference?

Recent work.

Holiday snapshot, but better on display like this rather than on your phone / camera or FB

Recent work.

I was asked if I would mount this Pencil drawing – yes pencil! This was nerve racking for me as I had to handle the one and only original! But as again it was to be auctioned for Charity I was also proud to take on this task. Within the first hour of the auction being open, it had raised £1001. I know that’s for the drawing and to raise money, but I feel very proud to have played a small part in this.

Recent work.

Ah at last a small piece, but with equal satisfaction from my customer when he had received it. Hi emailed the artwork which I then sized and printed. A simple but effective double mount and it is now ready to be auctioned at the HMS Birmingham reunion. Hope it raises lots of money for charities!!

Recent work.

This was the main reason for the personal deliveries to Portsmouth. a huge Flag for my customers shop. It is so big I had to order “Jumbo” sized mount boards to complete this project. The sheer physical size was the hard part to work on. But yet again to my customers real joy.

Recent work.

A second token from me for the Chocolate Lounge – Portsmouth for a fellow former HMS Antrim crew member.

Recent work.

Another personal delivery, but this was a donation from me to someone who served on a ship that I also served on. He has a lovely chocolate / coffee shop in Portsmouth and he has this displayed in there.

Recent work.

I was met with a very excited lady when I turned up at her office returning her Poppy. Then came tears of joy. She was “Chuffed to bits” with what I had done for her!

Recent work.

Was fortunate to be able to tie in a trip to Portsmouth with some personal deliveries of my work. This was one of them. Seeing the joy on my customers faces made the trip worthwhile.

Recent work.

My client wanted their Poppy to be slightly different, so asked me to present the Poppy head and Certificate. I love it, so does my customer!

Recent work.

I was asked to mount/frame two the same, but as the poppies are all slightly different to the next, so are my works. The exact dimensions of the poppy head vary enough for my calculations to be slightly different on each box. This is why I love my hobby – every piece is individual in some way!

Recent work.

LONDON POPPY. If you are lucky enough to own one of these, why not let me mount and frame it for you. It will be personalised to your requiremrnts and at a very fair price.

Recent work.

A4 picture of a songs sound waves as a Valentines gift is nice, but mounted and framed too, well you can see the results yourself!

Recent work.

And part 5 of 5. The photos don’t give a real idea of scale. This poster is in a frame 3′ x 2′ and standard mount board is not as big as the frame. So had to seek a supplier who sell “Jumbo” sheets of board, which I was able to do & keep the same frame & mounting styles over all 5 pieces.

Recent work.

Part 4 – This was something my client wasn’t considering having mounted, but after the other pieces I had done for him decided his poster was too good not to have the same treatment for All to see.

Recent work.

Part 1 of 5 (to date) that I have done for my client. He wanted this & other posters mounted rather than being stuck in a tube. Also wanted them all in the same style / colour frames. This I have managed to achieve for him.

Recent work.

Part 2 – Another poster that was hidden in a tube. These need to be seen!!

Recent work.

Part 3. Something a little more personal. Displaying your history, regardless of profession etc, needs to be done for your family and your families family. Watch this space for parts 4 & 5.

Recent work.

I was asked to mount this image of ‘Soundwaves’ from a Beetles song. Clients request – black wood effect frame and white double mounting. Stunning! I was asked to do this rather than the company who supplied the artwork. What can I say?

Recent work.

Simple but so effective. Wonderful gift idea for a Christening or Christmas gift. Personalised to your requirements.

Recent work.

Gift for Godparents or family alike. If you would like something like this doing just let me know & we can talk through your requirements.

Recent work.

Another simple but effective gift idea for parents, Godparents or grandparents.

Recent work.

This is the first of a set of 4 photographs my client already had, but wanted me to mount and frame for him. At his request it was just a simple black frame with white double mounting. Must admit I think they look stunning!

Recent work.

No. 2 of 4. Much better on display, rather than stuck in an album!

Recent work.

No. 3 of 4. Keeping Navel history alive!

Recent work.

No. 4 of 4. The white mounting helps draw your eyes to the photographs.

Recent work.

This is the 4th piece to make up the set. My client (from Scotland) was so happy with the first pair that I was the only person she trusted with these, as they are very dear to her and her husband.

Recent work.

This was a follow up from the “young son” & “mother and son” mounted photographs. My client wanted the photos of her now grown up sons done in the same way – to complete the set.

Latest work.

My customer for these family photo’s was very specific in what frames / colours she wanted. I managed to match the requirements enough that I will be doing some more work for her very soon.

Latest work.

The pair are in matching 16′ x 20′ mirror edged frames & the next work I am to carry out is two more images in matching frames.

Latest work.

10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ironman! If you have medals you would like mounting, let me know!

Have you any race or sports medals stuck in a box or draw? Let me get them mounted and framed for you. Be proud of your achievements! Get them on display in my unique, bespoke manner.

Birthday memories

This is a 3′ x 2′ frame full of photos set in double layer mounting. This can be done for a birthday or anniversary to your specification.


As you can see from these certificates I do ‘Fun’ mounts too. They make great, cheap gifts or awards. If you have an idea I will do my upmost to make it for you!


This is a speech enhanced with some photo’s from a wedding, Another great & inexpensive way to remember a great event for the Father of the Bride, Groom or Best Man.

photo (14)

Do you have some old family photographs hidden away in a box, in a cupboard? Let me mount / frame them for you. This way you know they will be around to pass on to future generations.

photo 1

Served in the Armed Forces? Know someone who did? This and the other 2 ships shown are ships I served on during my time in the RN & they look much better here (mounted & on display) than stuck in an album, in a draw.

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