Large Items

I am making changes to this page so as to display Larger items separately. Over the next few weeks or so I will be transferring the football shirts etc to here. Just so there are a few less things on other pages. Don’t want you to skip over any.

As well as the table plans, I make bespoke Post Boxes. If any of these things are what you are looking for, let me know.

“Silk” jacket from the Far East deployment, plus a cap. These 3 large frames are proudly displayed im my friends home bar in Portsmouth.

Second of 3 I did. A tee shirt & sweatshirt from deployments a lot of years ago.

I did a couple of HMS Coventry pieces last year (2018), for their reunion auction. This year the mate who donated the items, asked me to do more but for His own Bar in the Garden. These are all his memories from the time he served on said ship.

Doesn’t have to be a Premier Club shirt, or autographed with famous players. This was an end of season presentation piece

Fancy owning this Bowie / Mercury frame? is has an original 45 and son lyrics. Just ask about the price.

Lovely poster, but made even better with nice colours for the mounts and always better on display rather than rolled up in a tube!!

Oils on canvas of two ships that someone served on in a long Naval career. The 2 ships would never have been seen together but it is just to show them both off. I was then asked to “finish it off” by mounting it into a frame that matches other works I have done for them.

Harry Potter World – Large map mounted and framed in a beautiful hand made frame. This sold quickly too

This framed poster was a Christmas gift for a Royal Navy Veteran, but he isn’t old enough to have served on one of these

For sale! Olde Worlde map in a hand made solid wood Large frame.

Another piece I am proud of. Inside this 3′ x 2′ frame are two tops from a deployment that a friend of mine got when serving on HMS Ashanti. He asked me to put this together – using the red & green of the Ashanti as the background. He then took it to a ships reunion where it was auctioned, raising £140 for the chosen charity.

Part 2 of the 3 pictures drawn in Australia and shipped back to the UK.

This drawing was done by a family member in Australia a while back. Then this family moved back to the UK and so this and 2 other precious pictures were rolled up into a tube for transporting. Now this and the others are all re mounted / framed and hanging in pride of place.

This was fun! One of my grandsons is obsessed with Bin Lorries. So his mum did a bin lorry themed birthday party I was asked yo make a mock up of a bin lorry too and this was the result. The kids could sit in the cab area and pretend they were driving it.

This was a real challenge for several reasons. The first being that this 10+ year old school sweatshirt was signed on both sides. The second, it was to go back out to Spain and being 3′ x 2′ I had to think out of the box with the shipping logistics. First was to scan and print the signatures from the unseen side, then mount all the random shapes along with the actual top too. Then between my customer & myself we arranged with some of their friends who were driving to Spain on holiday to take it wit them. It Worked!

This was a Tall order. Three seasons Rangers shirts to mount and frame keeping the look similar in all of them, but because of different shirt manufacturers and differences in the autograph placements I had to treat each one individually, but try to keep the same layout as best I could. Must have been ok as they are proudly hanging on the family wall.

This was personally hard for me to do. Not the mounting and framing but the subject. It was very close in my history that I could have had one of these Antrim / Falklands jumpers. But very proud to do this for my friend and again its going to be displayed in the Chocolate Lounge, Southsea.

Not an actual football shirt but a signed momento all the same. Much better than being stuck in a drawer or cupboard.

Still love trying to be creative with each piece I frame.

I don’t mind what team you follow. If you want a short framing I will do it for you.


This is an adult size “Tattersal waistcoat”, frame size 3′ x 2′ set in a 1″ deep shadow box


This is a full adult size signed shirt that I was asked to mount as an item that is going into a Charity Auction. If you have such an item or a well earned running T-shirt, let me mount them for you. They will look great on display!

Recent work.

Mounted and box framed (all by hand) signed Everton ‘retro’ shirt. Look great & I am happy to quote regardless og the club in question.


This was the second signed Everton shirt for the same customer. He was so pleased with the first one that he came straight back to me for the second time. I matched the frame and design to the first perfectly.


My client was looking for 2 years to find someone local to mount/frame her prized signed shirt. Then she heard about me from word of mouth and here is the result at the end of her search.


I can’t take all the credit for this one. My daughter wanted it doing and supplied her sons (my grandson) outfit from his birth, plus some personal extras. I mounted and framed it all in a 3′ x 2′ frame, so it is Big! Want something similar? Let me know.

Recent work.

Wow, where do I start with this? I was asked to mount and frame an XL leather waistcoat as it was donated to the Type 42 Association from the widow of a member. I also served in the RN with this guy. It is by far the biggest job I have taken on, but by far the one I most wanted to do, for many reasons. The end result (weighing in at 14lb / 5.4 kgs) was so well received by the association members that I am so pleased I could hand deliver it in Portsmouth! There are a few special features within the display, so if you like it, please drop me an email / message and I will happily tell you the story.

Recent work.

This uniform is the most difficult so far!! Having so many pieces to keep in place whilst looking like a Smart uniform? Even ironed the White-front, coller and silk, which I havnt done in Years!!

Recent work.

A Christmas gift with a difference! Must admit the sewing the uniform in place was down to my client who is a seamstress. That though caused its own difficulties – Finding a way of holding the whole item in a hand made box frame was a new test as had limited ways of doing it without undoing the work already done? Well as you can see, it was achieved.

Latest work

This sign hung outside a bar in Gibraltar for many years. Just about every RN person who went to Gib’ would have visited this bar. So when it was closing, many of the items from the bar were auctioned off. This sign included. The winner of it asked Me to frame it for them to preserve this but of Navel history.

Latest work.

This is the second uniform I have box mounted & they are both now displayed in the ‘Chocolate Lounge’, Portsmouth

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